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Japan Release Date: August 2024

USA Release Date: October 2024

19,800円 MSRP

$169.99 MSRP




• Extended Wings Set

• Folded Wings Set

• Fire Breath Effect with Pedestal

• Dedicated Flight Stand with Anniversary Base


Wingspan: 15.8 inches


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter Series, Rathalos is now available as a special 20th Anniversary Edition! S.H.MonsterArts engineering allows for Rathalos to reproduce various poses from the series. Extended and folded wing parts are included. Additionally, a newly molded fire effect piece with a small pedestal is included as well. To make this release extra special, clear parts for the wings are used to reproduce a life-like appearance under lighting conditions. Lastly, the flight stand includes a special 20th anniversary logo base!