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SDCC 2022 EXCLUSIVE (1st Run)

USA Premium BANDAI Web Shop (2nd Run)

Release Date: July 21, 2022

                    ※ March 1, 2023

$90.00 MSRP




• Alternate hands 3x left & 4x right

• Alternate heads 2x

• Axe w/ heat beam effect

• Mechagodzilla head accessory

• Monochrome HEAV mini-vehicles 3x

• Display stand (for HEAV)


Height: 5.7 inches


Coming to SDCC 2022, KONG (2021) EXCLUSIVE EDITION! Kong’s chest injured in the fight with Godzilla has been produced in 3D with newly modeled parts with new coloration to match the final battle. It also comes with new extras such as a monochromatic HEAV, Mechagodzilla Head, Clenching Face, and Effect parts for Axe!