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Premium BANDAI Web Shop Exclusive

Japan Release Date: January 20, 2017

9,936円 MSRP




• Atomic Breath

• Special Charred Ground Stand

• 2x Alternate Hand Parts


Height: 6.5 inches



Tamashii Nations is proud to announce Godzilla feat.EVA-01 to commemorate the fantasy match, Godzilla vs. Evangelion for the first time in S.H.MonsterArts form. In this crossover of franchises, Godzilla has been detailed with the exact vivid coloration of the EVA-01 unit. Even the dorsal spines are translucent featuring a purple to clear green gradient effect, which is sure to create some fantastic poses under special lighting conditions. Godzilla also comes with a special purple heat ray effect part with a charred ground base! Don't miss out on this limited collaboration of the century!