S.H.MonsterArts King Ghidorah (2019) is literally a monster of a figure. It stands at 9.8 inches tall with a wingspan of nearly 24 inches! Finding shelf space for this piece is sure to cause some reorganization among some collectors. King Ghidorah, like Godzilla, utilized the 3D data from the film with additional sculpting by Shinichi Wakasa. However, once Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019) hit the big screen, it was obvious that the final screen version differed from the materials Tamashii Nations was given during the time of production. Notable differences are in the size and shape of the necks and heads. Nevertheless, it still looks and feels like a good representation of King Ghidorah.


The creatures design does not lend itself well as an articulated figure as the proportions of the wings are massive and heavy compared to the body. While it can move, holding a pose can be challenging if not aggravating. Tamashii Nations did include a trio stand system to better support the figure, but using these will limit some dynamic posing. The neck articulation works quite well and can get some serious range and twisting. Same for the tails; they have a decent amount of movement and can easily wrap around Godzilla. The wings can move back and forth, it is limited though when compared to the Heisei King Ghidorah. However, these wings have a unique function to pose upwards in the air to replicate its intimidating pose seen from the movie. The stands provided can hold his pose long term. The mouths utilize a bizarre form of articulation where they're on a peg inside the mouth with the lower jaw sliding into the head. This results with some crooked mouths, but can be remedied with a the heat from a hair dryer. This is also the first bipedal figure in the S.H.MonsterArts line, so it is interesting to see how the articulation works and how well it can hold up the figure. They have some good range, but aren't as dynamic as one would think. There is no torso articulation, which is understandable given the weight of the wings.


Does it stand on it's own? YES! You do not have to use the stands included but you also have to understand which parts to pose to achieve it. Prop the wings back and have the figure utilize its two tails as a natural support. If the wings are forward, your figure will topple. The more you practice this, the better you understand the figures limitations and it becomes easier to get it into awesome poses.


Flight pose? It is also achievable, however King Ghidorah does not come with a flight stand (keeping costs down). The stand I used in this review are Flightpose and Dynamic Figure stand. Both can be found on eBay and flightpose.com anywhere between $10-$20.


The paint application falls flat when compared to the promotional pics. Upon opening the box the figure is a beige tan-ish color which just feels off. Though it's hard to say if it is truly accurate as Ghidorah is constantly shrouded in weather fx in the film. Interestingly, using studio lights or even sunlight, the figure's paint application appears closer to the promo pictures. Perhaps this is the trick of this paint application? Many may customize and repaint theirs gold. Some are holding out for a repaint <don't hold your breath to long>. I enjoy it for what it is, but I do wish that it was more golden... There is also no shading on the back of the wings, which was a design decision from the beginning. The eyes and mouth's are painted well.


As far as accessories go, King Ghidorah comes with a trio stand system. Two stands for the wings with a support. The rods for the with wings have a ball joint tip so that the support can be moved at different angles to better support the figure. For the best support, a cradle stand for the crotch area. No beam effects were included (keeping costs down). However if you have have the Heisei King Ghidorah beams effects, they work quite well!



This figure is a mixed bag. It's not 100% accurate to what's seen on screen (something S.H.MonsterArts is known for), posing it can be aggravating and challenging unless you mod it yourself with superglue on ball joints like parts of the legs, tails, and the pegs for the wings, and the wings are so heavy that the figure can never be posed in a forward facing position without some kind of support (like another monster or something cleverly hidden in your display) and lastly the paint application falls flat. That being said, the sculpt is top notch and it is the ONLY super articulated King Ghidorah (2019) on the market. It can achieve some kickass poses from the movie, provided you get creative with supports and do some minor modding.


I recommend any fan of the character or completionist to get their hands on S.H.MonsterArts King Ghidorah. It fits well with the line, even with its hang ups, and if you're in it for an articulated figure, it's better than nothing at all. At the time of this writing, King Ghidorah stock is limited to what is out there on the market, with some retailers already sold out for good. Priced at $179.99, don't wait too long, as it is likely to be gone after this holiday season in 2019. Don't let this become your Biollante.


Order here-------------> http://shma-articulationseries.com/past-releases.html


Sample courtesy of Bandai Namco Collectibles (formerly Bluefin Brands).


3.5 tokens of 5

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