This review touches on the differences, if any, between S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2021) released in 2021 and its reissue released in 2022. If you are looking for more specific details regarding the figure itself, please checkout the full review of the 2021 release.


The big question: why reissue Godzilla and Kong so soon after their initial release in May 2021? These figures were met with so much demand that they were instantly sold out in Japan during the time of preorder, and sold out by the time they were released in the US. All inventory had been accounted for, so the only pieces that made it out of a stores door after release were canceled preorders. Tamashii Nations saw the demand was strong and ordered a 2nd round to be produced. The Godzilla and Kong (2021) reissues were originally set to hit the US December 2021, however due to massive delays at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, they missed the release window eventually being made available March 2022! Reissues aim to reproduce the product as it was in its first release-- no new additional materials/effects parts or improvements are expected. That being said, there are usually subtle differences between these releases as they are not made in the same production run. The reissue was released as a general sales item in Japan and made available to the USA through Bandai Namco Collectibles (formerly Bluefin Distribution). The price remained the same, $67.99 MSRP.




There are no changes to the sculpt. For more of an in-depth look at the sculpt, refer to the the 2021 release review.





The articulation engineering is essentially the same--the range of movement is identical. The joint tolerances are tighter out of the box compared to the first release, especially the arms. Hair dryer did the trick to loosen them up. This may vary figure to figure. If you'd like more specifics on articulation, please refer to the 2021 release review.





Because the reissue was not made in the same production run as the OG, there are some subtle differences. The paint application on the mouth is MUCH cleaner than the OG. This is pretty damn close to the promo pics, but may vary figure to figure. When the paint application is done correctly, the head doesn't seem as small. If you thought they changed the sculpt, it didn't change. The blue paint on the dorsals has a slight teal tint to it whereas the OG is more of a light blue. In hand it's hard to discern the difference, but on camera it's very noticeable. I'd say that the reissue's Dorsal paint is closer to what's seen in the promo pics. The paint throughout the body is cleaner whereas the OG has patches of brown spray in parts. The reissue is more of a solid color throughout making it slightly darker. The dry brushing on the chest is very clean. For a more in-depth look at the paint application, please refer to the 2021 release review.





The reissue comes with the same accessories as the OG, two alternate hands. They are identical in sculpt and paint application. They pop on and off just as easy.




If I had to choose between the two, the reissue is slightly better and a closer representation as to what is shown in the promo pics. How to tell if you have the reissue, or want to buy it? The OG & reissue boxes are identical with the same copyright info citing it's a 2021 release. This is because the reissue was scheduled to be released December 2021. The only way to verify if it's the reissue is by checking the copyright info under the feet. 3 DOTS mean it's the reissue while 4 DOTS mean it's the original. Godzilla (2021) is a good entry figure for collectors getting into the S.H.MonsterArts line. The articulation engineering is fantastic with a marginal improvement in paint details. If you don't have this release, get it soon, as it is most likely the last of the MonsterVerse Godzilla we'll see for a long while. If you have the OG and are not happy with it's paint application, this is for you!


Please enjoy the comparison gallery below. The complete image gallery of this review can be found in the SHOWCASE GALLERY.


OG (Left) vs. Reissue (Right)

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