S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2019) is an outstanding example of a character walking off the screen to your collectible display. The articulation engineering has seen some improvements from the Godzilla (2014) figure, particularly with the head and neck. With the tail being shorter, it is able to hold a pose as well. Posing bad-ass moments from the film can easily be achieved.


The sculpt is perfection. It combines the 3D data used from the film with and the skillful hand from legendary sculptor, Yuji Sakai. The paint application will accentuate colors depending on your lighting situation, greenish-grays and muddy browns. The colors are spot on as seen in the film.


The breath effect piece is welcomed addition. Though it is the same mold as the 2014 release, it is mostly translucent providing a nice glow (depending on your lighting setup). The swappable jaw piece may seem concerning at first, but if used properly, its longevity will last. It's quite simple popping it on and off, and it holds the iconic poster pose perfectly. As a bonus, I discovered that the breath effect can be held facing forward without a stand, however, it wasn't designed with this mind, so use it sparingly. For those who would rather use a stand for the breath effect, there is a hole made ready for use of a Tamashii Act stand from previous SHMA releases. Unfortunately, this figure does not come with a this particular stand.

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This is the ultimate articulated figure of Godzilla (2019). It doesn't get any more accurate than this. Pre-orders are still available through Amazon, Eknight Media, and AwesomeCollector.com ranging from $63-$66 shipped. Godzilla ships May 31st in the USA & Japan, a simultaneous release!


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