Godzilla (2016) is almost a masterpiece. Sculpted using the 3D CGI data and overseen by the original creature designer, this figure is the tallest in the S.H.MonsterArts line up. The articulation engineering is fantastic and despite having a long tail, it can actually hold a pose! The mouth and head are two separate pieces that allow for quite and extended jaw pose. The arms are stiff, but can be moved. The most dissapointing part with this figure is the paint application. It's very different from the prototype and for the most part its just a washed out reddish black mess. The parts in the chest and crevices throughout the body are hardly noticeable. At least the spines, back, and tail have decent color to them. Checkout the photos below.

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It's a bit of a miss when it comes to paint applications. Sculpt and articulation are on point. It retails for $114, but unfortunately it's not being brought to the USA due to licensing. Add an additional $50 to the price tag if you choose to import it.

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