S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2016) Awakening Version is the 1st repaint with minor retooling and with a boatload of accessories. It's the ultimate version of Godzilla (2016) and thankfully doesn't suffer any of the paint quality issues the first release had. Unfortunately due to licensing, this figure was not brought over to the USA by Bluefin Distribution. You can still get it from import sites like Nippon-Yasan or Mandarake. This release is a Web Exclusive so expect the prices to only go up from here.


This figure was so popular that Tamashii Nations opened 3 sets of preorders! The sculpting and colors are top notch, and having the beam effects make it entirely worth it. Check out some photos below!



It's totally worth the price tag. Get if you can bare the $50 shipping for importing it. It's not coming to the USA anytime soon. Another thing to mention is that the translucent pieces really make this figure pop. Check it out!

4 tokens of 5


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