S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2014), the first American Godzilla to be a part of the line! This was sculpted by Yuji Sakai from promotional materials and concept art. He was never shown the final movie in the process of making the figure. This explains why there are some inconsistency's between what's on screen and how the figure turned out. The sculpt itself is fantastic and very detailed. The paint is mostly good, except for the face and teeth. There's major paint bleed in the mouth making it appear Godzilla just killed something, and for some reason the snout has a red wash. This is the same across the board for figures of the 2014 Godzilla. The articulation engineering is top notch and dare I say the most articulated figure as of 2014! The tail has difficulty holding a pose, but not impossible. Check out the photos below!



Some may like the liberties that Sakai took with the sculpt. I for one do appreciate them. Namely in the feet. The head seems to be controversial among consumers. For $64, you can't go wrong owning this though.

3.5 tokens of 5

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