S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2002) is a fantastic piece of work. It's like it just walked off the screen and into my display cabinet. This figure features an incredible amount of articulation in the tail and it can actually hold a pose! There are some issues with the left arm due to the sculpt, it doesn't seem to bend without always popping off. The sculpt is top notch and the details are perfect. The teeth have some glopped on paint, but at least the eyes are not wonky. The paint scheme is spot on from the movie as well. I especially like the articulation engineering in the neck to allow that iconic pose scene at the beginning of the film. Check out our gallery below!



Tamashii Nations did a wonderful job with this figure. The sculpting alone is absolutely fantastic and absoultley worth the buy. Grab it from Amazon or Eknightmedia while you can!

4 tokens of 5


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