Introducing a new premium sub-line, S.H.MonsterArts Kou Kyou Kyoku (Light Sound Music). This new line will strategically pick characters that can fully take advantage of LED lighting effects, iconic sound effects, and music from the movies. This line will also be in the 8 inch scale, to fit the electronics and boost its "premium" costs. Godzilla (1989) is the first to kick it off! MSRP for NA is officially $189.99.


I love this figure. Even if the scale is bigger than the rest of SHMA, this hits in all the right places. The lights songs and sounds is an excellent feature and I love the dorsal spines lighting up while listening to the theme. Articulation is limited due to the lighting inside. Mouth lights up as well. Paint is on point. Sakai did a wonderful job with this! Check out the gallery below.




This is amazing piece. It works best with silver oxide LR44 batteries and best used in lower lit conditions to enjoy the LED features. You can order this from Amazon or Eknightmedia.

4 tokens of 5


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